Discover Our New 900T Injection Machine

ON Group Newsletter #12
February 2016

ON Group Newsletter #12
February 2016

ON PLAST factory has just invested in a new 900T injection machine !

Don't hesitate to contact us for more technical details.
ON Group and automotive industry
ON is working with most of the major actors of automotive industry, providing them prototype moulds and parts, serial moulds and production. ON Factory is certified ISO TS to guarantee production process control and product quality.
Industry news : wind converted to energy thanks to plastic strips

Weiqing Yang (Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China) and Zhong Lin Wang’s group of scientists (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, US) have developed this new technology. The PET strips are set up like a plastic grass carpet on a roof and can harvest energy from wind blowing in any direction. The scientists say that PET was selected because of its strength, low cost, good machinability and good electron affinity. Two adjacent strips of 10cm x 2cm with a rooftop area of 2 x 0.7cm can deliver power density of up to 98 volts, which means that the power generated can instantly light an advertisement board. So far the technique has only been tested in laboratory conditions.
Full article on :
http://www.plasticsnewseurope. com

Happy new year from China ! Chinese new year celebrations have just ended, 2016 being the year of the Fire Monkey !
ON Mould new factory has celebrated factory opening following traditionnal chinese opening ceremony.