Assembly, electronic, decoration process, packaging

We provide you complete assembly process of final product including plastic part, electronic integration, decoration, and packaging.

1. Assembly :

  • Assembly machine – According your needs in assembly, with optimised cycle time, accurate assembly force/torque, accurate quality control of assembly, sensors, optical checking, etc…
  • US welding, on your assembly line, includes assembly poka/yoke, we also propose design study for complex US welding
  • Mirror welding, stronger than US welding, for mechanical or waterproof assembly

2. Electronic integration

We have the internal skills to develop and integrate electronics to your plastic part. Consult us.

Electronic integration

3. Decoration process

For all kind of surface finish, colors, touch feeling.

Decoration process - Painting

Decoration process - Heat transfer process

Decoration process - Pad printing

Decoration process - Silk printing

Decoration process - Chroming

4. Packaging

From industrial purpose to an attractive and smart package, we design and manufacture with colors, materials, functions…