ON Consulting

ON Group provides a complete design and consulting service to help you with each phase of your manufacturing process.

Our Qualified engineers and support team are ready to assist you on-side in Europe and Asia.

Design consultations, troubleshooting, supplier approval and qualification, project follow-up, Quality control, PPAP and more.

ON Consulting – Always at your service.

Complete design and consulting services

  • Design:
    Our expert designers are available to study all aspects of your project design. We work on eliminating design issues and recommend the best manufacturing solutions to match each project.
  • Troubleshooting:
    Our global network of engineers is ready to provide on-site troubleshooting for your manufacturing problems. We can have people there within 24 hours of your call in Asia, Europe or North America. We provide support for almost any type of production process.
  • Supplier Qualifications:
    ON group has a complete supplier qualification procedure. We will visit potential suppliers, analyze their abilities and quality. We take the guess-work out of finding the right supplier.
  • Project Follow-up:
    Our engineering, production management and QC team is ready to offer you direct, on-site project follow up almost anywhere in Asia and Europe. We have after-sales support partners in Europe, Russia, North America to ensure service to you.
  • Quality Control:
    ON has dedicated Quality Control experts that can oversee all aspects of your project. We can ensure your supplier is providing the quality levels you require, and we are ready to perform quality inspections, PPAP, and more as needed. We have full SGS support.